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Derrick Interests has developed and managed high-quality commercial property, including shopping centers, office/service centers, warehouse space and built-to-suit facilities for over forty years. Our market areas currently include Houston, Texas and it's surrounding communities, multiple free-standing facilities in Georgia, and new development projects in Colorado & Mississippi . We highly value our relationships with our tenants, and strive to provide outstanding property management service to our tenants.


Derrick Interests can lend its development expertise and sound investment approach to ensure that projects and tenant build-to-suits are on time and on budget.  Our development portfolio includes retail shopping centers and free-standing facilities, including major chain pharmacies such as Walgreen's, CVS, and Rite-Aid.



Derrick Interests takes pride in providing personalized, professional management to all of its properties and tenants, including promptly addressing tenant concerns, contracting for service, improvements and repairs, and ensuring that our properties offer our tenants well maintained, attractive, and safe places to conduct business.

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